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2023 Camp Kyle: Coordinator Corner

It feels like yesterday that the Utah Football team was back in the Rose Bowl for the second straight season. Blink of an eye ago, fans got an early look at the 2023 squad inside Rice-Eccles Stadium during the 22 Forever Game.

Where did the time (almost) go?

Thirteen days separate us from firing up the grills, dusting off the corn hole boards and packing into Rice-Eccles for Utah’s season opener vs. Florida. The conclusion of Fall camp this week for the Utes was another key step toward the August 31 lid-lifter, as the team shifts to its in-season weekly routine and personnel at various positions becomes more defined.

“We haven’t had real long practices, we’ve tried to be as brief as we can be on the field and still get the work done,” said head coach Kyle Whittingham of camp. “It’s a little different now where you have a little more access to (the players) in the Summer. You don’t need quite as much time on the field. You’ve still got to get ready physically and get some hitting done, but you don’t need as long a practice as you did five, six years ago when you didn’t have the Summer access (with the players).”

With camp ending, the Utes this week elected the team’s captains and Leadership Council.

In addition, defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley and offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig met with the Salt Lake City media to share how the last few weeks have gone on each side of the ball.

Morgan Scalley | Defensive Coordinator/Safeties
On the overall state of the defense…
“I feel good. Fall camp’s not easy here. It’s a grinder physically, mentally and emotionally, particularly for the young guys who haven’t been part of the program before. The thing that I love is that guys fought through it. You’ve got dings, nicks, bruises, but the bottom line is everyone does. I’m proud of our guys; they fought through and created some depth that we needed. Excited to get started on the Gators.”

Did you feel you needed to be more physical this camp than last year?
“Definitely felt like we needed to tackle more. You look at the missed tackles in Game 1 (last season), you’re going up some pretty good dudes…that’s not going to change, (Florida’s) going to be good this year too. We definitely felt, looking at that first game last year, that we were not prepared enough for full-speed tackling. We got enough in this year.”

Andy Ludwig | Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
On where the preparation is at now…
“The installation process has concluded now in terms of the base offense. Things will shift to being more game plan specific. I feel very confident about where we are in terms of the installation and what we got done in the 17 practices.”

On the impact on play calling based on personnel…
“A couple years ago we were a big ’13’ personnel team with three tight ends, because we had three really good tight ends. I believe that the system has enough flexibility and versatility that we can shift emphasis based on the personnel available. You saw a lot of that last year with some rollover in the roster, with what we’re going to focus on and who we’re going to try to feature.”

On the wide receivers…
“I’m really pleased with the returning players at that position. We added some new blood with some transfers. Both the transfer receivers had nice showings last night in the scrimmage, so I feel really good about the progress they’ve made and where they are system-wise and talent-wise. Counting on those guys to be key contributors. Devaughn Vele continues to be the No. 1 wideout. Great development out of Money ParksMikey Matthews was here in the Spring and very productive this Fall camp.”

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The Utes will open 2023 at home, hosting the Florida Gators on Thursday, Aug. 31 in Rice-Eccles Stadium at 6 p.m. MT on ESPN. The game against the Gators will be a Red Out with fans encouraged to wear red.

Original article courtesy of Utah Athletics can be found here.