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Stallions Farewell Letter

— Official team statement from the Salt Lake Stallions —


On behalf of the Salt Lake Stallions organization, it came with great disappointment and surprise to learn that the Alliance of American Football has decided to cease operations.


We are truly grateful for everyone who supported the Stallions and especially the 50+ talented players and coaches that gave everything they had to provide eight weeks of very good, highly entertaining football.  We are blessed to have been able to use a first class venue and fully appreciate all of the amazing people at Rice Eccles Stadium for helping each event be first class.


The most disappointing part of this failure is the belief we had that this is a product that will work. The football was good, the changes made the game safer and more exciting for the fans, the timing provided all of us with a chance to extend football by 12 weeks, it provided a much needed development league for players, coaches and officials as well as a revolutionary concept in technology that could change the way we view sports.


We hope to be able to share information from the league on how to provide refunds for those who have purchased tickets to the April game and will pass that on once we obtain it.


Thank you again for allowing us to be part of this community for this short period of time.






Tyler Howell – Team President

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